KYA’s goal is to empower and develop talent for the industry from designated groups, providing client organisations with the opportunity – and confidence – to hire individuals that enable them to meet their employment equity targets.

Individuals who complete the KYA Programme will not only achieve the desired technical certification and skills but will also have benefited from a range of soft skills interventions intended to improve their overall employability and confidence to enter the workplace.

As industry-experts, who understand the skills in demand within the Construction & Built Environment, KYA constantly seeks to adjust its service offerings to drive training and skills development within the spaces most likely to be needed within client organisations.

In addition to meeting your skills spend targets, and having first pick of the best learners, clients will be contributing to the growth of the industry, providing opportunities for other companies within the sector to employ skilled individuals from the desired designated groups, principally Black Women.

Did you Know?

You can claim the points for absorption even if you don’t hire the learners yourself? By partnering with KYA and KPR, you greatly improve the chances of learners you sponsor finding gainful employment, and this means you’d benefit from the absorption bonus points as well!

If you’re interested in learning more about how KYA can assist your organisation to transform, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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