KYA recognises that much of the challenge in achieving Employment Equity and transformation is a shortage of black women entering the engineering (mining, petrochemical and construction) industries, and that this shortage is largely due to difficulty accessing suitable education and training opportunities.

The Keystone Youth Academy (KYA) seeks to empower Black youth, principally women and disabled, to access skills and experience to enable their entrance into the engineering sector. By empowering these young people, KYA will also assist in transforming the sector, through optimisation of B-BBEE and developing a diverse talent pool.

Supporting KYA provides a variety of options to optimise your B-BBEE, including:


Whether you choose to train for your own business, or to sponsor an individual, you can benefit greatly from achievement of points under the Skills Development Scorecard. And with the B-BBEE amendments, scheduled to come into effect 30 November 2019, additional opportunities will be created for organisations wishing to spend the 2.5% of leviable amount on Bursaries for Black Students.

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As a Not for Profit Company, KYA is grateful for any financial support from companies. This money will be invested into the development and expansion of KYA Programmes, helping to expand our reach and bring more deserving young people, principally Black Women/Disabled, into the system.

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KYA’s goal is to empower and develop talent for the Construction and Built Environment industry from designated groups, providing client organisations with the opportunity – and confidence – to hire individuals that enable them to meet their employment equity targets.

Individuals who complete the KYA Programme will not only achieve the desired technical certification and skills but will also have benefited from a range of soft skills interventions intended to improve their overall employability and confidence to enter the workplace.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how KYA can assist your organisation to transform, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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