WOMEN IN ENGINEERING - A Keystone Youth Academy Business Breakfast - Wed 13 Nov 2019

Young black people - particulary women and people with disabilities - who cannot afford their own tuition, are the focus of Keystone Youth Academy's transformative training initiative. 

Keystone Youth Academy (KYA) shared its innovative training model that combines learnings from the engineering, education and development sectors with business at a breakfast entitled Women in Engineering on Wednesday 23 October 2019. 

Research shows that drawing women into formal economies transforms individuals, families and societies. Most South African women bear the burden of carE for children, the disabled and the elderly. The are also less likely than men to have jobs and an independent income. These factors underpin the current challenges in the industry to find the right people to fill key positions. 

KYA has developed a unique model to support and retain women in training. 

In conversation on Wednesday, the KYA team invited guests to ask questions, which we responded to. Here's a short synopsis of what we discussed: 

Is KYA able to host learnerships for Deaf students (and students with disabilities)?

Yes, the KYA teaching methodology is experiential and inclusive and focused on equity. Each student is an asset to the KYA classroom and brings a unique perspective. We are committed to ensuring that all students have the infrastructural and other support they require to access training at an equivalent level. 

How do we ensure the quality of students?

We have a rigourous recruitment process where students are screened to ensure they are at the level required to succeed. Our course is SETA accredited and all facilitation and evaluations fulfill the required standards. In addition, KYA offers an internationally recognised communication and leadership development module, and training in workplace readiness. 

Dropout rates are high in the industry. How do we retain students on the programme?

Our facilitators are sensitive to the risk factors facing students and understand that students face challenges inside and outside of the classroom. KYA provides coaching support to students to develop coping strategies and find solutions and insights to help them stay in the programme to graduation. 

How long does it take to train a student?

Our course runs for 10 months of the year.

Our financial model is to offer investment to business through either CSI spend or to sponsor one or more students for the 10-month programme. 

KYA is a level 1 BBBEE contributor.

  • Level 1 gives the client 135% Procurement recognition.
  • Clients can score under the Black Spend, bLACK Woman Spend, Black Youth Spend and EME Spend criteria.
  • Clients can obtain ESD points for assisting KYA with grants, shorter payments or for SED when assisting a student.
  • ESD Bonus points can be obtained by graduating KYA to supplier once assisted with ED benefit.
  • Skills Development as priority element needs to be optimized, KYA can provide a tailor-made-solution for your company which will provide return on investment in terms of skills spend points for unemployed, employed, disabled and bursaries criteria. 

Please contact Blossy Yangaphi on 011 455 3042 or blossy@keystoneyouthacademy.co.za and we'll be delighted to set up a meeting.