The philosophy of KYA is to ensure true empowerment of youth, moving beyond simply providing them with technical skills certification. Being employable in today’s volatile economy requires more than just the technical know-how. Attractive employees – and candidates for employment – are those that possess a sound combination of technical skill, strong communication abilities and self-confidence.

The uniqueness of KYA training programmes is that, in addition to the accredited technical modules, learners are also equipped with business communication, computer literacy, self-awareness and leadership training and potentially on-the-job coaching and mentorship opportunities too.

Learners undertake a one-year structured and guided Learnership and Coaching Programme, specifically designed to provide a broad knowledge-base and skills, while providing personal empowerment life skills to enhance their EQ and maximise the learners’ efficacy and desirability as members of the workforce.

We offer a range of training, to both entrants to the industry, and those working in the industry who need to be upskilled or developed for promotional prospects.